Graphic Design

Unleash your potential for creativity and a successful career!
Графічний дизайн

The unique specialization program "Graphic Design" at OPTIMA Distance College!

Future design professionals will learn to develop company styles, create advertisements, layouts for printing, animations, web design, and mobile app design, model, and render in 3D.

Students will master the skills of working with real projects. Already during the training, they will form their own portfolio with completed tasks, coursework, and diploma projects.

Графічний дизайн

Become a design professional with OPTIMA College!

Develop your career in graphic design starting from the 9th grade! Learn to create a unique style for companies that reflects their identity and values.

Master the art of creating effective advertisements, print layouts that attract attention and engage the audience.

Develop innovative animations, websites, and app designs that provide convenience and a pleasant user experience.

Learn 3D modeling and rendering techniques to create realistic images and animations.

Gain competitive experience during your studies!

Work on real projects! At OPTIMA College, you will master the skills of working with real projects already during your training. This will provide you with invaluable experience highly appreciated by employers.

Build your portfolio! You will have the opportunity to create your own portfolio with completed tasks, coursework, and diploma projects, which will be a significant asset in job search.

Графічний дизайн
Графічний дизайн

A successful career as a graphic designer starts at OPTIMA College!

Imagine a world where your creativity opens up endless possibilities. Where each of your projects is not just work but a reflection of your uniqueness. This is not a fantasy, this is your future after studying at the modern OPTIMA Distance College!

By becoming a professional junior bachelor in graphic design, you will open doors to a wide range of career paths:
Graphic Designer: create captivating visual concepts that interact with the audience on an emotional level.
Illustrator: bring ideas to life through art, from children's books to advertising campaigns.
Web Designer and Web Coder: develop intuitive and beautiful websites that impress users with their functionality and design.
Website Optimizer: improve websites, ensuring higher positions in search engines and better accessibility.
Flash Animator and 3D Animator: create engaging animations that evoke emotions and tell stories.
3D Designer and Interior Designer: transform spaces and implement the most daring ideas in interior design and 3D visualizations.
Video Editor: professionally edit videos for television or the film industry, bringing cinematic visions to life.


With OPTIMA, you don't just get a diploma, you get the key to a world where your creativity and talents are recognized and well-compensated. Join us and let your career flourish in the field of graphic design!

Start your studies from September 1st
Study duration: 3 years 10 months.

Means of Expression in Design Projects
Tools for Creating Photorealistic Design
Information Technologies in Modeling and Visualization
Graphic Design
Artistic-Applied Graphics
Advertising Design
Web Design
Artistic Design
Artistic and Graphic Culture in Design Projects
Layout and Material Work
Ukrainian Business Communication
Industrial Design
Material Science
Information Systems and Technologies in Design
Project-Artistic Culture
Painting, Drawing
Mediation and Negotiation
Environmental Design
Basics of Theory and History of Design
Process Technology
Basics of Plastic Anatomy
Composition Organization of Form
Foreign Language (Professional Direction)
Computer Graphics
Basics of Healthy Lifestyle
Computer-Aided Design
Legislative Basics of Social Relations
Basics of Composition and Color Theory
Basics of Entrepreneurship
Corporate Identity and Branding
Basics of Labor Safety and Life Safety
Basics of Form Formation and Construction
History of Ukrainian Statehood and Ukrainian Culture
Tuition Fees
Графічний дизайн

Master the art of graphic design at OPTIMA College!

Our specialized graphic design program is designed

to provide our students with advanced knowledge and skills that are crucial for reaching the heights in creative professions.

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