How does the learning process take place?

OPTIMA is the only college in the Ukrainian educational environment where studying comes with a range of unique advantages.


  • Authoritative materials created by experts with extensive teaching and practical experience

  • A significant amount of practical tasks and projects providing children with maximum professional knowledge and skills

  • Distance learning format that allows studying at a convenient time and from any place with internet access

  • Interactive platform with everything: lessons, summaries, assignments, and chats with teachers

  • Continuous attention and support for all necessary questions
    Individual approach to all students

  • Every question receives a thorough and relevant response from the teacher

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In OPTIMA College, each student gets access to an individual personal cabinet on the educational website.

  • In the personal cabinet

    In the personal cabinet

    • Lessons from all subjects for the entire academic year.

    • Detailed educational materials. Each subject contains elaborated lessons and assignments arranged for optimal assimilation.

    • Progress indicators. Visual representation of your progress using colored indicators for each learning stage.

  • Innovative teaching methods

    Innovative teaching methods

    Various formats: texts, videos, audios, interactive games, 3D models – everything for effective and interesting learning.

    Practical exercises for skill development, as well as assessment questions to check material comprehension.

  • Flexible schedule

    Flexible schedule

    Students work on lessons at any convenient time.

    Materials remain accessible for processing throughout the academic year.

  • Assessment


    For general education disciplines, students complete assignments to assess their knowledge. Thematic grades are derived from these assessments, semester grades are derived from thematic grades, and annual grades are derived from two semester grades.

    Evaluation of professional disciplines is carried out using the Rating Scale Assessment (RSA) system.

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Thanks to the flexible structure of the learning process, students have ample time and energy to complete all necessary tasks, as well as for hobbies, development, and relaxation.

The right balance is the key to success! Our interactive platform and video lessons created by dozens of professionals ensure it.

Teachers, methodologists, editors, illustrators, motion designers – all these people work to make lessons meaningful and interesting. You can see a few examples right now!

Examples of our Lectures

College lectures are high-quality and informative, available 24/7. They help you effectively understand even the most complex topics. Check them out and see for yourself!


Socio-political studies


History of Ukrainian statehood and culture

Micro- and macroeconomics



With interesting lessons in both professional and general disciplines, students have the opportunity to obtain both full general secondary education (similar to what students in the 11th grade receive in schools) and a specialization of a professional junior bachelor with the possibility of further work in the chosen field.

All this makes studying at our college very interesting and productive. To verify this, register and get free access to all OPTIMA College student opportunities for 7 days!

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