About Us

Distance College OPTIMA is a project of the first and largest distance school "Optima" in Ukraine. Our educational institution combines all the achievements and advantages of distance education and gives them a new context.

Now Ukrainian children can receive professional advanced education remotely!

Graduates of the 9th grade, having received a certificate of basic general secondary education, can continue their development in the professional field.

Quality and modern education

The main feature of OPTIMA is unquestionable quality. When creating educational products, we prioritized the effectiveness of learning and comfort for students.

For this reason, we conducted extensive research, incorporated the best practices from European and American distance education, added proprietary developments and methodologies of the "Optima" distance school. This resulted in the creation of a truly high-quality educational environment where students can take their first steps on the career path of their dreams.

The advantage of studying in college is that its students, in almost 3 years, acquire both full general secondary education (the same as their peers who study in 10-11 grades) and a full-fledged specialization, with which a person has the right to work in a corresponding field.

Currently, students at OPTIMA College can obtain the following specializations:

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    Entrepreneurship and Trade

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    Computer Science

College students have a unique opportunity
to acquire a competitive specialization and then make decisions about their future. This can be:

  • Full-time work in the field

    Full-time work in the field

    Because along with basic school subjects, college students study a large number of professional disciplines

  • University admission

    University admission

    Moreover, universities often admit graduates of colleges directly to the second year.

  • Changing the profile and studying something else

    Changing the profile and studying something else

    College graduates already have a specific specialization at the age when their peers finish the 1st year of university. That's why college graduates have enough time both to continue developing in the chosen field and to change their professional direction.


  • Experts with perfect subject knowledge

  • Years of experience and individual approach

  • Useful and promising specialties

  • Interactive learning and practical skills

  • Continuous and uninterrupted development

  • Creativity in every component of the learning process

Thanks to these principles, our college receives positive reviews from students and their families. The specifics of the educational process construction also play a significant role:

  • unique, proprietary educational material carefully compiled by our teachers;

  • an interactive platform that contains everything a student may need to gain new knowledge and reinforce existing ones;

  • individual approach to all students;

  • constant mentoring and support;

  • distance format, allowing for quality Ukrainian education from anywhere in the world;

  • the opportunity to freely manage your time and combine learning with hobbies, self-development, and of course, relaxation.

This is how education is structured at OPTIMA College. These principles provide our students with limitless educational and professional opportunities! So, welcome to study!

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