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We invite 9th-grade school graduates to study under the "OPTIMA Distance College" project.
Relevant professions and qualifications. Accredited professional advanced education programs. Modern educational platform. Educational process without spatial and temporal limitations.
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Form professional competencies according to educational-professional programs
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Fundamentals of Scientific Research
History of Psychology
Psychological Education
Psychological Assistance to Individuals in Emergency Situations (CEM)
Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics
Basics of Psychological Service Activities
Introduction to the Specialty
Basics of Psychophysiology
General Psychology
Personality Psychology
Fundamentals of Psychodiagnostics
Child and Adolescent Psychology
Psychology Practicum
Communication Psychology
Self-Awareness Psychology
Management Psychology
Fundamentals of Psychological Rehabilitation
Start studying from September 1, 2023
Duration of study: 2 years 10 months
Entrepreneurial Activity
Commercial Activity
Exchange Activity
Commercial Goods Studies
Planning and Organization of Trade Enterprise Activities
Tax System
Economic Analysis
Financial Accounting
Professional-oriented Information Systems
Company Finance
Start of education from September 1, 2023
Duration of study: 2 years and 10 months
Mathematical and Computer Modeling
Computer Circuit Design and Computer Architecture
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
Organization of Computer Networks
Discrete Mathematics
Software Engineering
Algorithmization and Programming, Algorithm Theory
System Programming
Systems Analysis
Organization of Databases and Knowledge
Distributed Information Systems
Software Product Creation Technology
Administration of Software Systems and Complexes
Object-Oriented Programming
Operating Systems
Start of education from September 1, 2023
Duration of study: 3 years and 10 months

Obtaining professional higher education remotely has never been easier!

Interesting education. Practical competitive skills. Education at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Obtain the qualification of a junior bachelor and master a successful profession of the future!
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Advantages of the
OPTIMA Distance College Project

Our students will gain access to up-to-date knowledge, competitive competencies, and modern skills that will contribute to the rapid employment of young specialists.
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Modern educational platform available 24/7
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Professional and caring instructors, student support and assistance
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Years of experience in distance learning and educational content development, including for higher education institutions
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Professions and qualifications relevant in Ukraine, Europe, and the world
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Progressive educational methodologies, interdisciplinary approaches, supra-professional skills and competencies
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Combination of theory and practice

How to become a student?

Education through the project OPTIMA Distance College –
– high quality, convenient, modern!
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Call us
Submit an electronic application for admission on the EDEBO website
Submit an electronic application for admission on the EDEBO website
Provide (send) us a package of documents (remotely or in person)
Provide (send) us a package of documents (remotely or in person)
Sign a contract and become a student
Sign a contract and become a student
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If you have any questions, you can receive qualified consultation.
Kyiv, Tbiliskyi Lane, Building 4/10, Office 117-A

Our Team

OPTIMA Distance College is a modern educational institution created by a team of professionals: teachers, methodologists, qualified educational content developers.
Author's educational materials, a modern convenient platform for distance learning, certified learning materials create a comfortable and effective college for graduates of 9th grade schools.
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Maria Miletska
Maria Miletska
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Roberts Vaishla
Roberts Vaishla

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