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Professionalism, attention to detail, and individual support for each student – that's what makes the education process maximally individual and productive.

The guarantee of interesting, quality, and effective learning at our college –

is highly qualified teachers. They not only provide students with professionally relevant knowledge but also support and help at every stage.


  • Lozinska Diana Mykolaivna

    Director of OPTIMA distance college

    Lozinska Diana Mykolaivna

  • Liashenko Liudmyla Stanislavivna

    Deputy Director for the direction of "Management and Administration"

    Liashenko Liudmyla Stanislavivna

  • Konrad Tetiana Ihorivna

    Deputy Director for educational and methodological work, head of the department of information technology and physical and mathematical disciplines of the specialization 122 "Computer Science"

    Konrad Tetiana Ihorivna


  • Циклова комісія економічних дисциплін
  • Циклова комісія інформаційних технологій та фізико-математичних дисциплін
  • Циклова комісія психологічних дисциплін
  • Barbara Nataliia Viktorivna

    Teacher of "Foreign Literature", "Ukrainian Business Language", "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship"

    Barbara Nataliia Viktorivna

  • Bessiedina Kateryna Yevheniivna

    Teacher of "Geography"

    Bessiedina Kateryna Yevheniivna

  • Bilovus Nataliia Yulianivna

    Teacher of "Ukrainian Language and Literature"

    Bilovus Nataliia Yulianivna

  • Koptiukh Oksana Mykolaivna

    Teacher of "Management" and "Personnel Management"

    Koptiukh Oksana Mykolaivna

  • Lukianov Hennadii Viacheslavovych

    Teacher of "Physical Education"

    Lukianov Hennadii Viacheslavovych

  • Novak Dmytro Oleksandrovych

    Teacher of disciplines "World History", "History of Ukraine", "History of Ukrainian Statehood and Culture"

    Novak Dmytro Oleksandrovych

  • Ozeran Oleksiy Sergiyovych

    Instructor of the disciplines "Civil education", "legislative basis of social relations", "economic and labor law"

    Ozeran Oleksiy Sergiyovych

  • Petrakovska Olena Volodymyrivna

    Teacher of educational disciplines "Accounting", "Enterprise Finance", "Securities and Stock Market", "Insurance", "Entrepreneurship II"

    Petrakovska Olena Volodymyrivna

  • Shostakivska Nadiia Mykhailivna

    Teacher of disciplines "Business Etiquette and Social Responsibility", "Investments and Innovations in Entrepreneurship and Trade".

    Shostakivska Nadiia Mykhailivna

  • Synelnyk Kateryna Volodymyrivna

    Teacher of the discipline "Ukrainian Language and Literature".

    Synelnyk Kateryna Volodymyrivna

  • Zubko Kateryna Yuriivna

    Teacher of "Enterprise Economics"

    Zubko Kateryna Yuriivna

  • Borysenko Iryna Ihorivna

    Teacher of the cyclical commission "Computer Science".

    Borysenko Iryna Ihorivna

  • Bovsunivsky Artem Yuriyovych

    Instructor of the disciplines "Cloud Technologies" and "High Performance Computing".

    Bovsunivsky Artem Yuriyovych

  • Buyalo Tetiana Yevgeniivna

    Teacher of the discipline "Chemistry"

    Buyalo Tetiana Yevgeniivna

  • Draha Tetiana Mykolaivna

    Teacher of the discipline "Ukrainian Language and Literature"

    Draha Tetiana Mykolaivna

  • Dynych Alona Yuriyivna

    Instructor of the courses "Mathematics" (algebra and introductory analysis, geometry), "Higher Mathematics," "Probability Theory," and "Mathematical Statistics."

    Dynych Alona Yuriyivna

  • Harashchuk Inna Volodymyrivna

    Teacher of the discipline "Physics and Astronomy"

    Harashchuk Inna Volodymyrivna

  • Horpenchuk Tetiana Viktorivna

    Instructor of the course "Foreign Language (for Professional Purposes)"

    Horpenchuk Tetiana Viktorivna

  • Kruchko Irina Mykhailivna

    Teacher of "Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry" and "Discrete Mathematics"

    Kruchko Irina Mykhailivna

  • Liulko Hanna Mykolaivna

    Teacher of "Informatics" and "Computer Graphics".

    Liulko Hanna Mykolaivna

  • Mohyliasta Svitlana Mykolaivna

    Teacher of "English Language".

    Mohyliasta Svitlana Mykolaivna

  • Shchogholyeva Oksana Mykhailivna

    Teacher of disciplines "Mathematics", "Critical Thinking".

    Shchogholyeva Oksana Mykhailivna

  • Sorokopud Vladyslav Ihorovych

    Instructor of the disciplines "Python Programming", "Game Development".

    Sorokopud Vladyslav Ihorovych

  • Trofymchuk Victoria Mykolayivna

    Instructor of the courses "Computer Graphics," "Software Requirements Analysis," "UI/UX Design"

    Trofymchuk Victoria Mykolayivna

  • Tuhanskykh Oleksandr Antonovych

    Teacher of disciplines "Fundamentals of Programming", "Computer Systems Architecture", "Computer Networks".

    Tuhanskykh Oleksandr Antonovych

  • Verkalts Nadiia Bohdanivna

    Instructor of the course "Geometry"

    Verkalts Nadiia Bohdanivna

  • Doroshenko Olha Vladyslavivna

    Teacher of "Psychology"

    Doroshenko Olha Vladyslavivna

  • Horbatykh Viktoriia Viktorivna

    Teacher of the discipline "Psychology".

    Horbatykh Viktoriia Viktorivna

  • Stebelska Oleksandra Ihorivna

    Teacher of "Philosophy"

    Stebelska Oleksandra Ihorivna

  • Yakymets Marianna Vyacheslavivna

    Instructor of "Developmental Psychology"

    Yakymets Marianna Vyacheslavivna

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