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OPTIMA Distance College prepares true specialists in computer science. Here, you will gain professional education conveniently and with quality! An intriguing field of activity, high demand, and decent remuneration – these are the main advantages of choosing the "Computer Science" specialization. OPTIMA will help you acquire valuable knowledge and thrive in this rapidly changing field, learning remotely and preparing for a successful career.

The Specialization "Computer Science" in the college helps understand modern technologies and learn to work with them.

Quality up-to-date materials and practical training provide a wealth of knowledge and skills in the field of computer science, so after receiving a diploma, students have several options for further development:

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Take the first steps in their career.

In college, students explore computer science from different angles and study many professional subjects. Our graduates are young, promising specialists ready for practical activities.

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Enroll in university and pursue further academic degrees.

A great opportunity for those who want to deepen the knowledge gained in college.

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The junior bachelor's degree

provides universal knowledge in many IT fields and is the highest entry point for any professional courses.

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OPTIMA College operates in a modern distance format.

Students save time by learning in a comfortable place. Only internet access is required. All study materials will be available on your device, and the saved time can be spent on anything you like: professional practice, relaxation, additional development, and more.


OPTIMA College is a unique opportunity for 9th-grade school graduates. Modern and effective distance learning with relevant specializations and certified educational programs.

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Study duration: 3 years 10 months.
Mathematical and Computer Modeling
Computer Circuit Engineering and Computer Architecture
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
Organization of Computer Networks
Discrete Mathematics
Software Engineering
Algorithmization and Programming, Theory of Algorithms
System Programming
System Analysis
Organization of Databases and Knowledge
Distributed Information Systems
Technology of Software Product Development
Administration of Software Systems and Complexes
Object-Oriented Programming
Operating Systems
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OPTIMA Distance College prepares true specialists in computer science

To understand computer science now is to secure a successful future for yourself.

Computers are applied in various fields: from business and science to art and entertainment. Studying computer science fosters creativity, helps solve problems, and opens up new opportunities. It also keeps you up-to-date with modern technologies and contributes to career growth. Mastering computer science is a key factor for success in the modern world!

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Advantages of choosing the "Computer Science" specialization
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An intriguing field of activity

The impact of computers on our lives is becoming increasingly evident! Cutting-edge technologies, operating systems, neural networks, gradual digitalization EVERYWHERE!

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A vast choice of areas

The realm of technology is so widespread that anyone can find something interesting for themselves

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High demand and income

The relevance and prospects of any computer science segment allow experts to earn decently.

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Guaranteed employment

Computer science specialists are constantly needed in the market, so they rarely face prolonged job search challenges.

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