Entrepreneurship and Trade

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Ensure a successful career in the future – choose OPTIMA College for distance learning!

Become a successful entrepreneur with OPTIMA College. Education that opens up a world of possibilities!

Every day, many new businesses are launched, but not all of them achieve success. By choosing education at the distance college OPTIMA, you can become successful and competitive entrepreneurs! Learn about various types of economic activities, entrepreneurship planning and organization, marketing, the financial aspect of business and trade. With our help, you will open hundreds of shells that hide the true pearls of the world – knowledge! Gain education and become professionals REMOTELY!

The Specialization "Entrepreneurship and Trade" in the college is an opportunity to learn the basics of business and unlock your potential.

The college program lasts for 2 years and 10 months, providing graduates with many advantages and prospects:

opportunity to take the first steps in trade / entrepreneurship / business;

Continuing education at university and obtaining higher education. College graduates can even enter some universities directly into the 2nd or 3rd year of study (if it's the same specialization);

Combining work in the field with further education. While studying at university, you can work and apply the knowledge gained in college in practice. This way, you will further develop as a professional, acquiring new knowledge and experience;

Competence in everyday life. Knowing the principles and strategies of entrepreneurship, marketing, and trade makes it much easier to exist in a world where trade is a significant part of our lives.

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Distance learning allows you to study on a flexible schedule and provides convenient access to educational materials.

This enables students to combine learning with other activities such as personal development, work, relaxation, and more. You can acquire professional education from anywhere without spending time and money on commuting!


Studying the "Entrepreneurship and Trade" specialization helps you understand how to run your own business, sell goods, and create a successful business plan. This education opens up broad opportunities for starting your own venture and realizing entrepreneurial ideas.

Start your studies from September 1st
Study duration: 2 years 10 months
Entrepreneurial Activity
Commercial Activity
Exchange Activity
Commercial Commodity Science
Planning and Organization of Trade Enterprise Activity
Economic Analysis
Financial Accounting
Information Systems in Professional Focus
Enterprise Finance
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Education in the specialization of "Entrepreneurship and Trade"

in our college, it is incredibly relevant and very convenient.

It's an excellent choice for those who aspire to develop in the modern business environment and pioneer innovative approaches in the entrepreneurial sphere.

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