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Ensure a successful career in the future – choose OPTIMA College for distance learning!

Become a successful entrepreneur with OPTIMA College. Education that opens up a world of possibilities!

Every day, many new businesses are launched, but not all of them achieve success. By choosing education at the distance college OPTIMA, you can become successful and competitive entrepreneurs! Learn about various types of economic activities, entrepreneurship planning and organization, marketing, the financial aspect of business and trade. With our help, you will open hundreds of shells that hide the true pearls of the world – knowledge! Gain education and become professionals REMOTELY!

The Specialization "Entrepreneurship and Trade" in the college is an opportunity to learn the basics of business and unlock your potential.

The college program lasts for 2 years and 10 months, providing graduates with many advantages and prospects:

opportunity to take the first steps in trade / entrepreneurship / business;

Continuing education at university and obtaining higher education. College graduates can even enter some universities directly into the 2nd or 3rd year of study (if it's the same specialization);

Combining work in the field with further education. While studying at university, you can work and apply the knowledge gained in college in practice. This way, you will further develop as a professional, acquiring new knowledge and experience;

Competence in everyday life. Knowing the principles and strategies of entrepreneurship, marketing, and trade makes it much easier to exist in a world where trade is a significant part of our lives.

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Distance learning allows you to study on a flexible schedule and provides convenient access to educational materials.

This enables students to combine learning with other activities such as personal development, work, relaxation, and more. You can acquire professional education from anywhere without spending time and money on commuting!


Studying the "Entrepreneurship and Trade" specialization helps you understand how to run your own business, sell goods, and create a successful business plan. This education opens up broad opportunities for starting your own venture and realizing entrepreneurial ideas.

Start your studies from September 1st
Study duration: 2 years 10 months
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Education in the specialization of "Entrepreneurship and Trade"

in our college, it is incredibly relevant and very convenient.

It's an excellent choice for those who aspire to develop in the modern business environment and pioneer innovative approaches in the entrepreneurial sphere.

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At OPTIMA College, we offer flexible distance education that allows students to combine learning with other activities. Our programs focus on developing your business potential and preparing you for a successful future career. You will learn to plan and organize entrepreneurial activities, master marketing, financial accounting, and other important aspects of trade and entrepreneurship.

The cost of studying the "Entrepreneurship and Trade" program at OPTIMA College is 2000 UAH per month.

The duration of the "Entrepreneurship and Trade" program at OPTIMA College is 2 years and 10 months.

Distance learning at OPTIMA College allows students to study according to an individual flexible schedule. This is ideal for those who wish to combine education with work, business development, or leisure. It also provides convenient access to all necessary educational materials and the ability to study from anywhere without spending time and money on travel.

Step1. Contact for consultation at +380 67 6233355.
Step 2. If you decide to enroll in OPTIMA Distance College, provide your details to the consultant: student's full name, client's name who is contacting, one parent's full name (if not contacted by parents), contact phone numbers, and email address (if possible).
Step 3. Register a personal electronic account on the website https://vstup.edbo.gov.ua/.
Step 4. Submit an electronic application through the personal account on the website https://vstup.edbo.gov.ua/.
Step 5. Sign a contract with OPTIMA Vocational College.
Step 6. Make the payment.
Step 7. Start studying from September 1st.

Entrepreneurship and Trade": from idea to success with OPTIMA distance college

The specialization "Entrepreneurship and Trade" is chosen by young people who aspire to actively develop in the modern business environment and implement innovative approaches in the entrepreneurial field. If you have always dreamed of starting your own business, have numerous ideas for a startup, or wish to build a promising career in a large corporation, then you need quality knowledge. Obtain them remotely at OPTIMA college, as it is convenient, efficient, and interesting!

The first step towards new opportunities

Starting your own business is not difficult, but that's only half the battle. To achieve success, surpass competitors, and become a true leader in your field, you will need not only an original idea but also thorough knowledge and practical skills. All this can be acquired by studying in the specialization "Entrepreneurship and Trade".

The curriculum of the "Entrepreneurship and Trade" course is designed to provide students with a wide range of skills necessary for a successful career and their own business.

● Business plan creation. Learn to develop strategic plans, define goals, and marketing strategies for launching and developing your own business.

● Marketing and sales. Learn about the basic principles of advertising, branding, product promotion, and service in the market.

● Financial management. Explore the financial aspects of business, including report preparation, budget management, analysis of entrepreneurial activity efficiency, etc.

● E-commerce and innovation. Stay informed about modern trends, implement the latest technologies, and automate business processes.

● Communication skills. Master effective communication strategies within the team, as well as with clients or partners.

● Economic analysis. Study methods of economic indicators analysis and market development forecasting to make informed management decisions.

● Commercial merchandising. Discover the basic principles of selecting goods for sale, analyzing their quality, and competitiveness in the market.

● Stock market activities. Familiarize yourself with the principles and tools of stock trading, risk management, and investment portfolios.

● Personnel management. Learn about recruiting, training, and developing personnel, as well as methods of conflict resolution and team motivation.

● Entrepreneurial experience. Consider real cases and practical projects in various business environments.

This knowledge will help you start your own business, make you competitive in the labor market, and expand opportunities for a successful career in entrepreneurship and trade.

Education with comfort

By choosing distance learning in the specialization "Entrepreneurship and Trade," you get numerous advantages.

1. Flexible schedule. Plan your day independently and study when it is convenient for you. You can acquire education in the specialization "Entrepreneurship and Trade" and also work, engage in self-development, travel, and communicate with friends. No restrictions, as you set the schedule yourself.

2. Accessibility from anywhere. Gain useful knowledge from anywhere in the world where there is internet access. You don't have to spend time and money to get to the educational institution. Moreover, you can continue to study entrepreneurship and trade even while traveling.

3. Individual approach. Each student has the opportunity to work at their own pace, which allows for much better assimilation of the material. Now education adapts to you, not vice versa.

4. Use of technology. You will have access to a modern educational platform for studying disciplines in the direction of "Entrepreneurship and Trade". Relevant information and interactive educational resources will always be at your fingertips.

5. Effective contact with teachers. You can contact teachers with any questions and count on necessary support even while being at a distance.

6. Network of like-minded people. At OPTIMA College, you join a community of students studying in the same specialization "Entrepreneurship and Trade", so you will have plenty of opportunities for exchanging ideas, collaboration, interesting project work, and quality communication.

Start your education with the educational-professional program "Entrepreneurship and Trade"! Get free demo access and see for yourself that OPTIMA distance college is exactly what you need!

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