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In a world where human relationships and communication take precedence, specialists in psychology are highly valued. Psychologists are needed in scientific laboratories, business centers, schools, hospitals, vibrant halls of modern startups, the media, and politics. Simply put, there's no place where psychology experts are not needed! The Educational-Professional Program "Psychology" offered by OPTIMA College consists of an incredibly rich array of fascinating professional disciplines, helping you acquire invaluable knowledge and master an engaging and useful profession.

A significant advantage of our education is the complete distance learning approach. You will be able to:

Current knowledge

Quality educational materials, competitive skills, and numerous practical assignments

Comfortable learning

Learn from anywhere in the world at a convenient time for you

Education - always at your fingertips

Access to educational materials 24/7


Specializations that are relevant now and in the future


The program includes the study of academic integrity and professional ethics, as well as the fundamentals of psychological service activity. Students will grasp concepts of psychophysiology, general psychology, and personality psychology.

Start your studies from September 1st
Study duration: 2 years 10 months
Foundations of Scientific Research
General Psychology
History of Psychology
Personality Psychology
Psychological Education
Fundamentals of Psychodiagnostics
Fundamentals of Psychological Rehabilitation
Child and Adolescent Psychology
Psychology Workshop
Foundations of Psychological Service Activity
Communication Psychology
Introduction to the Specialization
Self-Awareness Psychology
Fundamentals of Psychophysiology
Management Psychology
And help you acquire communication, self-awareness, and management skills.
Tuition Fees

We conduct practical psychology sessions

And help you acquire communication, self-awareness, and management skills.

OPTIMA is a distance college where you can unleash your potential, acquire intriguing knowledge, and master practical skills in the field of psychology. Join us today and embark on your successful educational journey into the world of psychology!

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