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Educational-Professional Program "Psychology" at OPTIMA Distance College!

Psychology – the key to success. Explore, understand, change the world with OPTIMA College!

In a world where human relationships and communication take precedence, specialists in psychology are highly valued. Psychologists are needed in scientific laboratories, business centers, schools, hospitals, vibrant halls of modern startups, the media, and politics. Simply put, there's no place where psychology experts are not needed!
The Educational-Professional Program "Psychology" offered by OPTIMA College consists of an incredibly rich array of fascinating professional disciplines, helping you acquire invaluable knowledge and master an engaging and useful profession.

Prospects of the Specialization: "Psychology"

The educational program provides students with the opportunityto master psychological concepts, theories, methodologies, and techniques necessary for both professional development in this field and for improving behavioral and communicative competence in everyday life.

Over 2 years and 10 months of convenient distance learning, students will acquire sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical skills to continue their development in this specialization. After obtaining their diploma, all graduates can pursue three career paths:

Take their first steps directly in the field of applied psychology;

Progress towards deeper professional knowledge and skills in higher education institutions. College graduates are accepted into many universities directly into the 2nd or 3rd year of study!;

Work in their field of specialization while gaining practical experience and simultaneously pursue further academic degrees and deeper knowledge in university.

Thus, studying in the "Psychology" specialization at the college is a path for those who want to start theoretical immersion and practical activities in this important and always relevant field as early as possible.

A significant advantage of our education is the complete distance learning approach. You will be able to:

Current knowledge

Quality educational materials, competitive skills, and numerous practical assignments

Comfortable learning

Learn from anywhere in the world at a convenient time for you

Education - always at your fingertips

Access to educational materials 24/7


Specializations that are relevant now and in the future


The program includes the study of academic integrity and professional ethics, as well as the fundamentals of psychological service activity. Students will grasp concepts of psychophysiology, general psychology, and personality psychology.

Start your studies from September 1st
Study duration: 2 years 10 months
Foundations of Scientific Research
General Psychology
History of Psychology
Personality Psychology
Psychological Education
Fundamentals of Psychodiagnostics
Fundamentals of Psychological Rehabilitation
Child and Adolescent Psychology
Psychology Workshop
Foundations of Psychological Service Activity
Communication Psychology
Introduction to the Specialization
Self-Awareness Psychology
Fundamentals of Psychophysiology
Management Psychology
And help you acquire communication, self-awareness, and management skills.
Tuition Fees

We conduct practical psychology sessions

And help you acquire communication, self-awareness, and management skills.

OPTIMA is a distance college where you can unleash your potential, acquire intriguing knowledge, and master practical skills in the field of psychology. Join us today and embark on your successful educational journey into the world of psychology!

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Reviews from our students
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Specialization "Psychology": Understanding Yourself and Others

If you aspire to better understand yourself and your surroundings, develop effective communication skills, and master a prestigious profession, then you've come to the right place. The "Psychology" specialization at OPTIMA Distance College is a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth. Join us and explore the unique world of human behavior and your own potential!

Education as the Key to Success

Understanding human relationships and communication skills are extremely important in today's world. A basic understanding of psychological aspects enables the effective resolution of conflicts, increases work productivity, and facilitates the achievement of goals. That's why the "Psychology" specialization is in high demand, as this knowledge is valuable in any field of activity.

Experienced psychologists are needed in education, business, and medicine. They can work in large companies where maintaining the psychological comfort of employees is crucial, or they can open private practices or clinics to provide counseling and psychological assistance.

Students who choose the "Psychology" specialization will acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills:

● Psychophysiology. Understanding the relationship between mental processes and physiological phenomena in the human body helps to understand how physical health affects emotional state and vice versa. This enables a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of the emergence and development of mental disorders and the development of effective approaches to their treatment and prevention.
● General Psychology. Studying the basic directions and methods of psychological research enables students to understand various aspects of human behavior and thinking. They become familiar with different schools and theories of psychology, study methods of data collection and analysis, which helps them better understand how people perceive information, solve problems, build relationships, and react to various life situations.
● Personality Psychology. Studying individual characteristics of people, their character traits, motivation, and ways of adapting to the surrounding world. During their studies, students explore various aspects of personal development, study psychological theories, models, and diagnostic methods.
● Psychological Counseling. Mastering methods of psychological support and counseling clients to solve their problems and overcome various life challenges. This is an opportunity to learn various methods of psychological support, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, family therapy, and others.

These knowledge and skills create a solid foundation for a successful career in psychology, where there is always a high demand for experienced and competent professionals.  

Mastery of the Profession at a Distance

Obtaining quality education in the "Psychology" specialization without leaving home? It's possible and, most importantly, very convenient! The "Psychology" specialization in a distance format has numerous advantages.

1. Flexible learning schedule. Study when it's convenient for you. Choose hours for viewing materials, completing assignments, and participating in online meetings that fit perfectly into your lifestyle. This allows you to combine studying psychology with work, hobbies, sports, or other activities.
2. Access to quality resources. Thanks to the internet, you have unlimited access to a vast amount of educational resources, scientific publications, and psychological research. You will study on an online platform, where you can use various interactive materials, watch video lessons, listen to audio recordings, and more.
3. Mentoring and support. You will never be left alone with your studies. Our instructors are ready to help you at every stage of your education in psychology. You can count on individual consultations and support from experts.

Distance learning in the "Psychology" specialization is an opportunity to develop in comfortable conditions. Get relevant education from anywhere in the world without any limitations! Get a demo access right now and see for yourself that the "Psychology" specialization meets all your needs!

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