State documents for education after graduation


We believe in making education accessible to all those who wish to develop and acquire relevant skills. To achieve this, you only need a certificate of completion of basic general secondary education after finishing 9th grade.

After completing their studies, college graduates will receive two documents: a certificate of full general secondary education and a diploma of professional junior bachelor.

  • The certificate of full general secondary education will open doors to further education and development in your field of interest.
  • The state-issued diploma will confirm your qualification and open doors to new career opportunities.

Don't waste time! Join the education at OPTIMA Online College, move towards professional success and development! With us, you will gain modern education and professional skills for your future career.

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You can acquire quality pre-professional education from anywhere in the world and on an individual schedule at OPTIMA Distance College! 


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OPTIMA and "Omega Development": partnership to improve the quality of education and ensure the successful future of our students!

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