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You can acquire quality pre-professional education from anywhere in the world and on an individual schedule at OPTIMA Distance College! It's often challenging for students to decide on a future profession. However, some students already have an understanding of the field they would like to associate their lives with while still in school. That's why OPTIMA Distance College was created for graduates of the 9th grade. Let's now explain how learning happens in our college!

Acquiring Useful Knowledge and a Relevant Profession

It's long been known that the majority of university graduates don't work in their field of study because, at the time, they didn't pay enough attention to thoughtful consideration of the future. Meanwhile, many children already know in school what they find interesting. Therefore, Optima College seeks to offer teenagers an alternative academic path – to start acquiring a profession after the 9th grade. In this, we see several positive aspects:

  • Professional Direction: Students receive pre-professional education in a specific specialization such as computer science, business, psychology, and have the opportunity to acquire concrete, applied skills that will help in building a career;
  • Universality: Students simultaneously acquire not only professional pre-education but also complete general education. Thus, they both receive a certificate of complete secondary education and make a significant contribution to their future careers.
  • Opportunities for Further Development: College education lasts for 2 years and 10 months. After this, graduates can work in their specialization or enter a higher educational institution. By the way, many universities admit college graduates on an accelerated training program, as they have already received a significant amount of knowledge in their field at the college.

Now, let’s talk about the features of learning in our college. As a project of the first and largest distance school “Optima” in Ukraine, it is based on important principles and advantages!

How is Learning Organized?

In OPTIMA College, each student gets access to an individual personal account on the educational website. In the personal account, they see a list of subjects with lessons for the entire academic year with all the necessary materials. Each lesson contains detailed educational materials.

Every subject has elaborated lessons and tasks ordered for optimal assimilation.

Educational progress can be tracked conveniently thanks to colored indicators at each stage of learning.

Innovative methods and various formats are applied in the educational process. Texts, videos, audio, interactive games, 3D models – all this for effective and interesting learning. Practical exercises to practice skills are a must, as well as control questions to check the material’s assimilation.

Students work on lessons at any time convenient for them. Lessons remain available for processing throughout the academic year.

Students take tests, written and oral assignments to control knowledge. Thematic grades are derived from grades for tests, written, and oral answers, with thematic grades leading to semester grades, and two semester grades resulting in an annual grade.

Convenience of Distance Education

An increasing number of leading European and American educational institutions are transitioning to a more flexible format for obtaining education. OPTIMA is the first college in Ukraine that provides education in the most convenient and comfortable way, making it much more accessible. All student learning at the college takes place in a distance format:

  • Opportunity to view lessons and complete assignments at the most favorable time, making education more compact, efficient, and result-oriented;
  • It doesn't matter where in the world the student is located. All that is needed for learning is a device and internet access;
  • Students have 24/7 access to an interactive educational platform where lessons, assignments, and tests are stored.

Expertise and Professionalism.

Summaries, videos, tests, interactive assignments – everything students deal with during learning is the result of the work of dozens of professional experts: from teachers and methodologists who carefully select materials and create original courses to motion designers who produce the final versions of educational videos. Everything is done in a way that is most favorable to captivate teenagers and instill as much knowledge as possible.

Attention and Support.

Support and an individual approach are essential components without which education cannot be complete. Therefore, students:

  • Have access to 24/7 technical support for issues related to the operation of the educational platform;
  • Can write to the teacher for each discipline and receive a detailed response;
  • Follow their own unique learning trajectory, depending on the child's characteristics, knowledge, and plans.

Practical and Interactive Learning

Education at Optima College stands out for being interesting and interactive. Yes, students spend a lot of time on theory, watching educational videos, attending online consultations, and taking tests. However, the basis of quality education is practice. Therefore, students will spend a considerable amount of time working on their educational projects. This will help them delve deeper into knowledge and prepare for a career start.

In Conclusion...

Studying at Optima Distance College is indeed a great opportunity for those who want to start receiving professional education as early as possible and for those who want to try themselves in a specific field and learn more about themselves and their future plans.

Let's sum up how it happens:

  • Author's practical courses prepared by professionals according to the methodologies of higher education institutions;
  • Convenient distance format. Learn at a convenient time and in a convenient place;
  • Interactive platform where everything you need is stored;
  • Constant attention, support, and an individual approach;
  • An effective balance of theory and practice.

Of course, college is not an option for everyone. However, even students at our educational institution who initially had doubts ultimately never regretted their choice. So, if a teenager is focused on obtaining a quality professional education and further professional development, college will be a very good start!

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