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Examples of our Lectures

College lectures are high-quality and informative, available 24/7. They help you effectively understand even the most complex topics. Check them out and see for yourself!


Socio-political studies


History of Ukrainian statehood and culture

Micro- and macroeconomics




Form professional competencies according to educational-professional programs
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Fundamentals of Scientific Research
History of Psychology
Psychological Education
Psychological Assistance to Individuals in Emergency Situations (CEM)
Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics
Basics of Psychological Service Activities
Introduction to the Specialty
Basics of Psychophysiology
General Psychology
Personality Psychology
Fundamentals of Psychodiagnostics
Child and Adolescent Psychology
Psychology Practicum
Communication Psychology
Self-Awareness Psychology
Management Psychology
Fundamentals of Psychological Rehabilitation
Start studying from September 1
Duration of study: 2 years 10 months
Entrepreneurial Activity
Commercial Activity
Exchange Activity
Commercial Goods Studies
Planning and Organization of Trade Enterprise Activities
Tax System
Economic Analysis
Financial Accounting
Professional-oriented Information Systems
Company Finance
Start of education from September 1
Duration of study: 2 years and 10 months
Mathematical and Computer Modeling
Computer Circuit Design and Computer Architecture
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
Organization of Computer Networks
Discrete Mathematics
Software Engineering
Algorithmization and Programming, Algorithm Theory
System Programming
Systems Analysis
Organization of Databases and Knowledge
Distributed Information Systems
Software Product Creation Technology
Administration of Software Systems and Complexes
Object-Oriented Programming
Operating Systems
Start of education from September 1
Duration of study: 3 years and 10 months
Business Economics
History of Ukrainian Statehood and Ukrainian Culture
International Marketing
Basics of Healthy Lifestyle
Ukrainian Business Communication
Mediation and Negotiation
Management Decisions in Entrepreneurship
Economic Analysis
Foreign Language (Professional Direction)
Personnel Management
Business Etiquette and Social Responsibility
Basics of Labor Safety and Life Safety
Information Systems and Technologies in Marketing
Corporate Identity and Branding
Micro- and Macroeconomics
Information Visualization in Marketin
Investments and Innovations in Entrepreneurship and Trade
Internet Marketing
Planning of Production and Commercial Activities
Legislative Basis of Social Relations
Marketing Product Policy
Basics of Composition and Color Theory
Start studying from September 1
Duration of study: 2 years 10 months
Means of Expression in Design Projects
Tools for Creating Photorealistic Design
Information Technologies in Modeling and Visualization
Graphic Design
Artistic-Applied Graphics
Advertising Design
Web Design
Artistic Design
Artistic and Graphic Culture in Design Projects
Layout and Material Work
Ukrainian Business Communication
Industrial Design
Material Science
Information Systems and Technologies in Design
Project-Artistic Culture
Painting, Drawing
Mediation and Negotiation
Environmental Design
Basics of Theory and History of Design
Process Technology
Basics of Plastic Anatomy
Composition Organization of Form
Foreign Language (Professional Direction)
Computer Graphics
Basics of Healthy Lifestyle
Computer-Aided Design
Legislative Basics of Social Relations
Computer design
Legislative Basis of Social Relations
Basics of Composition and Color Theory
Basics of Entrepreneurship
Corporate Identity and Branding
Basics of Labor Safety and Life Safety
Basics of Form Formation and Construction
History of Ukrainian Statehood and Ukrainian Culture
Start studying from September 1
Duration of study: 3 years 10 months

Obtaining professional higher education remotely has never been easier!

Interesting education. Practical competitive skills. Education at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Obtain the qualification of a junior bachelor and master a successful profession of the future!
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Advantages of the
«OPTIMA Distance College Project»

Our students will gain access to up-to-date knowledge, competitive competencies, and modern skills that will contribute to the rapid employment of young specialists.
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Modern educational platform available 24/7
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Professional and caring instructors, student support and assistance
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Years of experience in distance learning and educational content development, including for higher education institutions
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Professions and qualifications relevant in Ukraine, Europe, and the world
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Progressive educational methodologies, interdisciplinary approaches, supra-professional skills and competencies
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Combination of theory and practice

How to become a student?

Education through the project OPTIMA Distance College –
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Submit an electronic application for admission on the EDEBO website
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Provide (send) us a package of documents (remotely or in person)
Sign a contract and become a student
Sign a contract and become a student

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Our Team

OPTIMA Distance College is a modern educational institution created by a team of professionals: teachers, methodologists, qualified educational content developers.
Author's educational materials, a modern convenient platform for distance learning, certified learning materials create a comfortable and effective college for graduates of 9th grade schools.
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Maria Miletska
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How to master the IT field in the "Computer Technologies" specialization?

Technologies are evolving constantly and rapidly. The IT field is an exciting sector that requires qualified, young, and energetic specialists. Education in our college can become a starting point on your path to success!

Reviews from our students
Відповіді на головні запитання

A certificate of complete general secondary education and a diploma of a vocational college. All documents are state-standard. The form of education is not indicated on the certificate of complete secondary education. The diploma will state the full-time form of education, as indicated in the contract.

Year 1: General education program for grades 10-11. 
Year 2: General education program for grade 11 + vocational subjects. 
After the second year, students take the state final exams (DPA) in the form of the external independent assessment (ZNO) and are issued certificates of complete general secondary education. 
Years 3-4: Vocational subjects. At the end of their studies, students receive an OPTIMA vocational college diploma.

For graduates of 9th grade. There are no age restrictions for applicants. The main requirement is having a certificate of basic secondary education.

1. Unique video lectures and educational materials that help our students easily understand even complex vocational topics.
2. The opportunity to obtain a vocational pre-university education remotely.
3. Specializations and qualifications relevant in Ukraine, Europe, and globally.
4. Licensed vocational pre-university educational programs.
5. A modern educational platform for distance learning available 24/7.
6. Education without spatial and temporal limitations.
7. Many years of experience in distance learning and educational content development, including for higher education institutions.
8. Progressive educational methodologies, cross-disciplinary approaches, and highly professional skills.
9. Combining theory and practice. 
10. Professional, caring teachers who provide support and guidance to students.
11. Access to up-to-date knowledge, competitive competencies, and modern skills that facilitate quick employment for young professionals.

OPTIMA Distance College: Professional Education Without Any Boundaries

Finishing 9th grade and dreaming of a reliable foundation for your future career? Study at home in your favorite pajamas and acquire exceptionally useful knowledge that will change your life! OPTIMA Distance College offers you favorable learning conditions and the opportunity to easily, quickly, and joyfully attain a degree of Professional Junior Bachelor. Overcome the limitations of time and distance, expand the horizons of your future today with OPTIMA!  

Learning on Your Terms

Feeling like a student and achieving incredible academic success without leaving your cozy room is a reality that OPTIMA Distance College offers. Forget about the arduous journey to school in the morning; now knowledge comes directly to you at home.

● Flexible schedule. At OPTIMA Distance College, you set your own schedule. There's no need to adapt to a rigid class timetable. Study the material at a time convenient for you, whether it's in the morning, afternoon, or evening.
● Perfect balance. Combine studying, work, and personal life. Distance college allows you to balance various activities. You no longer have to choose between education, career, hobbies, and friends. Now you can have it all at once.
● Modern technologies. You will have 24/7 access to the educational platform of the distance college. We employ cutting-edge technologies for learning, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information and study materials. Rest assured, your education meets the highest standards!
● Progressive methodologies. We use progressive educational strategies that promote active learning, interaction, discussion, and project work. Interdisciplinary approaches help students broaden their horizons and develop diverse skills. We combine theory with practice so that distance college students gain real-world experience in their chosen field even during their studies.
● Individual approach. At OPTIMA Distance College, each student is a unique individual with their own needs, interests, learning approaches, and pace of program mastery. You can expect assistance at any time and study in a way that suits you best.
● Self-development opportunity. At OPTIMA Distance College, we aim not only to educate but also to inspire our students for continuous self-improvement. You will acquire knowledge and skills, develop qualities that will be useful to you in the future.
● Support at every step. We understand that a student's success depends not only on educational programs but also on support and mentoring. The instructors at the distance college are experienced mentors who are always there to help you with any questions regarding education and career.
Don't wait, join the community of successful students at OPTIMA Distance College. Take the first step towards professional growth!  

Realize Your Career Dreams!

At OPTIMA Distance College, you have the opportunity to obtain higher professional education that meets the highest standards both in Ukraine and internationally. Our specialty programs are developed taking into account the current needs of the labor market and the requirements of modern society.  

Entrepreneurship and Trade

OPTIMA Distance College prepares students for successful careers in the fields of business and commercial activities. Master the theory of entrepreneurship, study modern economic trends, develop practical skills in company management, and devise successful marketing strategies.  


Study the peculiarities of behavior and personality development. You will gain knowledge about psychological processes and diagnostic methods that will be useful both in working with clients and in personal life.  

Computer Science

At the distance college, you can delve into modern technologies and programming. Learn to work with various computer systems and databases, create software, analyze algorithms, and solve complex tasks in the field of information technology.
Choose your specialty at OPTIMA Distance College and start your path to a successful career today!

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