Rakhlys Vadym Leonidovych

Rakhlys Vadym Leonidovych

Teacher of "Mediation and Negotiation"


"Specialist of the highest category", PhD.


Graduated from the Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, completed postgraduate studies at the Kharkiv Pedagogical University, defended a research work on the topic: "Formation of professional competence of future negotiators in the informal education system"; studied the Harvard method of negotiation in San Francisco (USA) and Israel; a student of Mark Goulston and Moti Crystal, negotiator psychologists of the respective special services; certified specialist in programs: "Roles and Styles", "Change Management", Adizes School (Ukraine), "Negotiating with Destructive Personalities", "Negotiations in Extreme Conditions", Negotiator School (Israel).

Vadym Leonidovych is a professional negotiator, certified mediator of the European Union, and a member of the Professional Mediators Association of Bulgaria. He has conducted over 500 mediations. The teacher has over 20 years of negotiating experience in extreme conditions in Ukraine, Israel, and Kazakhstan regarding hostage release.

Vadym Rakhlys has teaching experience in negotiation, conflict resolution, and social communication programs at the Kyiv School of Economics, National Tax Academy, Lviv Business School, Professional Mediators Association of Bulgaria, National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Dnipro University of Customs and Finance, Institute of International Relations, International Business Institute, National Economic University (Ternopil), Association of Corporate Security Professionals, Training Center for the Preparation of Guards "Artan".

During his professional career, he founded the First International and Interdisciplinary Program "Psychology, Management, and Political Science" with a specialization in "Negotiations and Conflict Resolution", the volunteer project "First Children's Mobile Negotiation Group", and the Training Center "Bureau of Negotiations" of the International Chamber of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Vadym Leonidovych is the author of many educational projects, manuals, and programs for training professional negotiators.

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