Tuhanskykh Oleksandr Antonovych

Tuhanskykh Oleksandr Antonovych

Teacher of disciplines "Fundamentals of Programming", "Computer Systems Architecture", "Computer Networks".


Qualification category: Specialist.


Aspirant of the Department of Computer Engineering at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

A young researcher conducting research in the fields of statistical analysis, computer engineering, and software architecture. A creative individual who enjoys finding new approaches in both science and teaching. Open and sincere, he tries to find a common language with every student.

For teaching, he mainly uses a practical approach rather than lecturing, based on his own experience of exploring the topic. He believes that pure knowledge is less important than understanding the topic and the process, which he tries to provide individually, relying on each student's unique experience. He tends to provide detailed explanations and interesting associations, following the idiom 'Among many reflections, there is no true one, only one correct one'.

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